Hospitality accounting made easy

Accounting automation for modern hotels and restaurants.

Seamlessly integrate all your financial data and automate your accounting processes at revolutionary speed and ease.

Leverage any data source

Connect your financial data and gain the holistic view needed to empower your business strategies and improve compliance. Omniboost seamlessly unifies your data and enables real-time access to all your financial information from one central place: complete, accurate and always up-to-date.

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Smart financial data interchange

Omniboost creates smart connections between your PMS/POS and accounting software to enable automatic synchronization of your financial data. Our powerful technology integrates your data in no time and transforms it into actual financial statements that become readily available in your leading accounting system. 

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The Omniboost advantage

  • Save time

    Reduce complexity and time spent on financial data preparation. Accelerate productivity by turning recurring manual tasks into automated processes, enabling you to focus on other core business activities.  

  • Improve data quality

    Reduce human error and eliminate data delays, loss or redundancy to enhance the accuracy of your data. Omniboost enables a constant flow of reliable information to power your decision- making and improve compliance.

  • Drive data intelligence

    Break down existing data silos and take full advantage of your data. Omniboost allows you to get a more complete view on your finances to conduct real-time accounting and make more-informed business decisions.